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This month's lamer is.... Darren "SPANKY" Welcome


Client : Darren Alistair Welcome 

Nickname(s) : Captain Spanker , Spanky 

Title : Lamer King

Awards : Lamer of the year 1997, 
Most Spanked in a Stairwell 1996-98 

Ambition : To be the 1st man to "Spank" 
on the moon

Favourite movie : Bambi

Favourite Pastimes : Spanking to afore mentioned movie, 
Stabbing furniture, leaving the caps lock on, General unwarranted Violent behaviour

Drink of choice : Light Beer, Perrier, Penis Colada (shaken, not stirred)  
Favourite Song: Cherry Pie, Warrant. 

Quotes : "spanky to the rescue" , 
"have hand will spank"

Role Model: Steve Urkel 

Starring Role: Spanky recently starred in a new Eddie Murphy movie called
Doctor Dolittle, if you see the movie you can recognise spanky dressed in a 
dog costume and answering to the name of "LUCKY" 

PS: Be sure to check out the adventures of Lucky (aka spanky) at the vet 


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