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  When cyberspace seems to have become a plaything for the lame, when the average user is abused by those of limited mental capacity or uncontrolable sexual urges. It becomes necessary for the 4 Horsemen to ride, and undertake the High Hunt!

  The High Hunt is initiated by one of the Horsemen, and followed up upon by the rest. Working in concert the Horsemen chase down these lame individuals and give them the chance to recant their ways, to forever shed the path of evil that is the lamer.

  So powerful is the "desire" to be a lamer, that few are actually saved. Those not saved are lost forever to the dark god of the lamers. A recent attempt to recover "XLR8" from the dark side has failed, as his attachment to the darkside is so strong. Another Lamer who achieved TFG Status was Darren "Spanky" Welcome..........

  To aid us in this daunting task, we turn to you! You are the innocent net user abused by these "lamers". Take the fight back to them, email us their name, email addy and a description of this persons lame undertakings then sit back and let us do all the work for you!

Email: Lamer Hunters

The Criatura Calleth your name...........