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Current and Proposed Lamer Campaigns

The brothers gather to discuss their targets fate...

The List of Current Targets


Darren "spanky" Welcome


Blue_Rose Phase 1
Lavalite On Loc Research Phase
Ron "Wany" Smith Phase 1
Vance "Crazy Balls" Phase 3
Pauline Hanson On Loc Research Phase
Petros Kondos Phase 3
XLR8' Attempt 2 after TFG
Your Nomination here!! ???  

Last updated:

Campaign Definitions

And remember...

To nominate a target, please email us at Nominations will be dealt with discretely and seriously.  All Lamers are given a fair hearing, and only those destined for hell will be sent there, our job is only to expedite that journey and provide a service for mankind.

There is Lame everywhere.......


"Over 10,666 served so far"