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war commeth

Artists depiction of War

(A) AGE: Knew Adam personally

(S) Gender: Male

(L) City : I reside in conflict

Date of Birth: When Adam told Eve that men are better *slap*

Place of Birth: Mankinds dark heart


Phone: Don't call me I'll call you

Status : Lord High Executioner of Lamers

Current Operation : The High Hunt

Limits: Lamers, they shall be removed from the face of the earth in the cleansing flames of destruction. Also, when bar tenders put straws in your drinks.

Interests:Lamer slaying, drinking, lamer slaying, weaponry, lamer slaying and an active member in greenpeace.

People I admire the most: Pauly shaw, Ronald McDonald, Rasputin, BrotherDeath666, BrotherFamine, BrotherPestilence, Peter Andre.

Description: First Disciple of Kruger Kurgen, Lord of the High Hunt and also the Horsemens fashion consultant. Known as "He who seeks and finds the hidden lamer", a renowned purist who sees Lamers as an afront to any rational being.

Awards: Most Injuries inflicted in a croquet match 1802 - 1939, Weapon Designer of the Year 1908 - 1969, Next Spice Girls 1998, Best World Wars I+II, Most Lamer Slayings in a Season (record 1428 championship wins), and 100 plus lamers in a season on more than 845 occasions.

To be continued................

"I'm just a Lamer Slayer, he said cheerfully"

"Hasta la vista, Lamer"