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BrotherDeath is the Lamer Pain

BrotherDeath likes to hear that Lamers will soon become like the Dodo

BrotherDeath writhes with the joy of the knowledge that Lamers will suffer a painful demise

(A) AGE: 506

(S) Gender: Male

(L) City : Wherever Lamer-Slaying takes me!

Date of Birth: 6th August 1492

Place of Birth: United Skates of Lamerica


Phone: 0055 52637 751937 (ext 666)

Status : Active Lamer Hunting Warrior

Current Operation : The High Hunt

Limits: I can stand anything, except Lamers. They are the scurge of the Universe and shall be dealt with accordingly. The hand of BrotherDeath666 is strong, Lamers will be crushed!!! 

Interests: Travelling in search of Lame, Snowboarding, Macrame, Spice Girls, collecting Pez dispensers, Collecting human Eyeballs.

People I admire the most: Mel Chisholm, BrotherWar,BrotherFamine,BrotherPestilence, PeeWee Herman, Stormin Norman, Bill Gates, Chopper Read, The guy who punched Marilyn, The guy who invented the phrase "doof doof" for loud techno music.

Description: Hailed as a philosopher of the Lamer_Hunters and a desciple of Kurgen Kruger, I sold my soul to the Dark Lords in return for eternal life fulfilled by the slaying of the Lamers and their cruel inflicting ways onto others. Fresh lamer Blood will sustain me, but I prefer to eat the fear of the lamer. Everlasting Damnation awaits those who ASL without prejudice.

Awards: Best on ground, round 3 against Collingwood 1998. Norm Smith Medal, 1956. Emmy Nomination for my performance in Lame Miserables. Best new Bullshit Artist, MTV awards 1732. Lamer Slayer of the year 1812 to 1878 (an unbroken record). Most photographed lamer Slayer with a Supermodel, 1994. Most likely Horseman to Suck out a Lamers Eyeballs with an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner...

Lamer 404 not found. Herein lie the fallen Lamers. May they always be remembered.

"Lame is as Lame Does"