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This Is a really old picture of me. Its almost 1 1/2 years old in fact

This is my most recent picture
This is my dog smokey. Isnt she adorable
Aww isnt that so cute!

Name: Justin
Location: Vine Grove, KY
Gender: male
Marital Status: Single but not for long!
Hobbies & Interests:Webdesign,Drumming,Games, Main St.Hanging out with my friends.

Favorite Gadgets: The computer and PS2
Occupation: I am a student at North
Hardin High School
Personal Quote:"Sex is like math! add the bed,Subtract the clothes,divide the legs,and hope you dont multiply!"

Contacts: Aim-kill3rkid20051

How i describe myself is fun. Kinda stupid when it comes to bordem. I like to do stupid things and get in trouble. I think the best quality about me my ability to help people resolve there problems. I am really glad that i could share this with all of my friends. Cause about a year ago I ws almost killed me and my cousin being stupid..we decided to become a peeping tom. well we got caught with a 9 mm pistol at our heads. So since the past 3 months my life has went well. I am really happy and have been meeting new people.