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What Did I Do?

I sit huddled in a corner
Trembling with fright
My boyfriend has come home
And he's raring to fight

His eyes are glaring
His breathe reaks of beer
He reaches and grabs me
I scream in fear

He promised never
To hit me again
But he strikes me so hard
My head starts to spin

As blood oozes
To the floor
I beg please, please
Don't hit me anymore!

Listening to him
Yelling at me
I silently beg God
To set me free

I cooked and cleaned
And worked hard all day
I didn't do anything
To get in his way

Yet my head is hurting
And my arm so so sore
I don't know what I did
But I can't take
This abuse anymore!

Soon he tires,and
Goes off to bed
Leaving me all alone
With only my tears to shed!

Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt

If You Are Being Abused
May God Grant You Courage To Seek Help

July 9 2003

Midi "Shades Of Blue" is
Used with permission
And is copyright 2001 Bruce DeBoer