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The West Wing
Continuity Guide


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This page includes the updates that are done on the site so viewers can look and see what has been changed or added. Since this site's debut on November 7, 2000 I have only put the major updates here. Now, I am going to put most (if not all) of the updates that are done on the site.

10/29/04 - CHANGES: The reason I changed the anniversary date (11/07/00) of this site is because this site was originally a class project during my junior year in high school. It first came on the internet on November 7, 2000, at GeoCities. Then on September 10, 2001, I relocated the website here to Angelfire and re-named it. I hope that explains things a little clearer and doesn't appear that I'm fudging, because I'm not.

10/28/04 - Changed the navigation buttons to the left on the home page. For now, the three new buttons will remain only on the home page, but when I get more time, I will spread those thoughout the entire website. Also, the floorplan link has been moved to the "Other Areas of Interest" on the right hand side of the site. Also, I plan to post new questions and answers in the "The West Wing Inquiry" section.

10/21/04 - Sorry it's been so long since I've touched this site, but I've done some updating. They are; created pages for all Season Five and Six (premiered October 20, 2004) episodes, and I changed the way the episodes are listed on the home page. Sorry for the lack of progress, I actually forgot about this website during the summer. It's been a hell of a summer for me (in a good way), and I just forgot about this site. There is more to come since I'm back.

05/13/04 - Sorry (once again), for the lack of updates. Once again, health matters intervened with my plans, and I apologize for not even touching this website until now. More to come.

11/07/03 - This site is now three years old.

10/19/03 - Sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently working on a new design for the site, and I think it is coming along very well. It should be up between Thanksgiving and Christmas, just in time for the new year!

05/25/03 - Due to complaints from my competitor, I have taken down some things in the Inquiry page, and changed the note on the home page.

05/19/03 - I have updated the Donna Moss character page.

05/18/03 - I put another piece of evidence that the year of the episode broadcast and the year of "The West Wing's" world correspond in the continuity page of the Inquiry section.

05/17/03 - The Inquiry page is taking shape and progress is coming along good. I have been putting up questions I have received in emails, and while I haven't gotten all of them up yet, I am working on getting that done. Also, I am putting up questions that I have, and I have researched answers and am putting them up as well.

05/16/03 - I have updated The West Wing Inquiry page. The Inquiry page and its sub-pages are still a work in progress.

05/15/03 - I have included stats on each of the Season Four episodes pages. The stats are who wrote the show (Written by), who did the teleplay (Teleplay by), who the story is by (Story by), and who directed the show (Directed by). I will do the same for all of the episodes, but right now, there just on the Season Four episodes.

05/03/03 - I have updated the Floorplan page to the rest of the site's current look.

05/02/03 - I have updated the Real World News page, divided it up into sections, and I will put the news in the appropiate section. Also in the Mistakes page, I have added the Total Number of Mistakes pointed out to me.

04/29/03 - In the Mistakes page, I changed the images that signified the number of mistakes pointed out to me.

04/26/03 - I made the navigation easier on all of the individual episode pages. I made the "Path" row links; the word "home" will take you to the home page, the words "Episode Guide" will take you to the Master Episode Guide, and the words "First (Second) (Third) (Fourth) Season Episodes" will take you to the specific season depending on what episode you are viewing.

04/21/03 - Updated the Season Four section to include the previous Season Four episodes. More updates coming soon.

04/10/03 - I got the Will Bailey character image up on the Characters page, but it is not linkable, so don't try to click on it. YET! I will create a page for Will, in mid-May. As for other updates, there are none.

04/04/03 - Wow! It has almost been two months since I've left a note here. I have done a little housecleaning the last few days and I worked on "The West Wing" Inquiry page a little bit, there are still questions that I have been asked previously, and have not gotten them up yet, I will do that soon. As for the character pages, I'm sorry and I will eventually get to them, probably at the beginning of May (probably around May 5), when the college semester is over and I have the summer to work on the site and get everything up and where they are supposed to be.

02/27/03 - After this weekend I plan to get started on the character pages. I know I have been slacking on working on those, actually I have been dreading working in the character section, but it must be done, and it must be done before the season finale for this season. So, I will get to that as soon as possible.

01/18/03 - Okay! I know that I'm running behind on things I said that I would have done by the new year, but didn't. I'm sorry, I really am, it's just that I have things to do, and I will eventually get to the things that I need to do. I have started my second semester in college, and it is cool, just hard work has to be done to get the grades that I need to persue my major. I promise (I know I have said that before), that I will get to the Characters and work on them, get the information back up on them, it's been about six months since I have even looked at the character pages. So please forgive me for the delays and the misleading promises. I will keep my promises, when time permits.

11/21/02 - is now the address that I can be reached.

11/07/02 - Two year anniversary of this site.

07/08/02 Changes: The Character pages are back, but the only characters you can actually view are Abbey Bartlet and Charlie Young.

06/26/02 Deleted Pages: I have deleted the email forums, the debates, everything of that nature, due to complaints from another website.

06/21/02 New Pages: I have created the Debates page in which you can debate over a few topics, and if you want to create a topic to debate on, please do not hesitate to send me an email with the topic of debate and your opinion of that topic. The email forum is coming along quite nicely now, July 1, 2002 is when I plan to make it available to the public.

06/19/02 New Plans: As of right now, I have a few plans that I would like to make known. I plan to create an email forum, a forum, in which you can view, and in order to post at the forum, you have to email me with what you want to say. I don't really care what you say as long as you don't take God's name in vain, you can you any language you see fit. Also I am looking for software to create a newsletter for possibely this summer, but more likely next summer. I have more plans, but those two will keep me busy.

06/14/02 Changes: I have put up a summary of how I felt about the Third Season Finale, if you support, or oppose those comments, let me know if you like.

06/06/02 New Pages & Changes: Created the Real World News page to let viewers in on what is happening in the world, also I was so enraged with the Third Season Finale, that I have deleted all quotes from all of the Third Season Episodes, I will get rid of quotes from the other seasons later.

06/03/02 Changes: Changed the look on the home page.

05/26/02 Changes: I have updated the About the Designer page, with some information on the designer of this page, and some of his work are included as well.

05/25/02 Changes: With much regret, I have closed down the characters pages again. I am sorry for the inconvienience.

04/28/02 New Page: After much thought and anticipation, I have finally got the Campaign Staff and the State Govenors pages up.

04/27/02 I haven't decided what I am going to do about the documentary: but for now, I am counting it as the 62th episode.

04/27/02 For those who have been missing Much of the information that had been on that site is now at

04/23/02 Changes: New banner at the top of the home page, and a similar banner is going up on the other pages, I have it up on all of the pages except the individual episodes. Let's all applaude Jason Walling for the nice work.

04/03/02 New Page: Created the Judiciary page.

04/01/02 New Page: Created the Bartlet Administration page.

03/31/02 Changes: I have redone the September 11th Rememberance page.

03/30/02 Changes: I have finished revamping the characters page and now you can see the updated pages therein.

03/22/02 Changes: Man, it looks like this site hasn't been updated in a month!!! But that is coherently not so. I have changed the banner and arrangements of the links at the top again (seems like I can't make my mind up). You probably have noticed I have moved the mistakes link from the bottom of the page to the links up at the top. Did that to do what? Make this site easier to navigate. I am working on putting the new image and arrangements of links on all of the pages of this web site. I'll do that this weekend. That is about all of the *major* updates.

02/23/02 I changed the design at the top of the page for the last time for a very long time. I will put the new design on every page when I get the chance, and more likley, I might not put quotes up for #57 "Night Five". I am sorry if that is in any way convienient, but I have not the time nor the effort to do that right now. The reason? I am (1), preparing things for this site that might be up soon; (2), my schedule is very tight at the moment; and (3), I am also building another web site on a completely different subject and scale. The site is about the RMS Titanic, which sank in April of 1912. So I will eventually put up quotes for #57, but not for a while at least, I taped it, so, it won't be hard to get the quotes, I just need the time.

02/09/02 Updated this site to current state.

01/21/02 Arranged, and re-arranged some things on the Home page. Changed the picture at the top of the page again. Still working on some things though.

01/12/02 Changes: Changed the arrangement of the links at the top of the home page. Working on a few other things that hopefully will be added by the end of this month or at the beginning of February.

01/12/02 Created the SiteMap page, to make this site easier to navigate. It is not completed yet, but what is there is the most of what it will have.

11/23/01 New Pages: I created an episode guide, but mind you, this episode guide is like no other, it has all of the episodes aired since "The West Wing's" debut on September 22, 1999. It even includes the repeats and the episodes that were aired over the summer hiatuses.

11/17/01 In the event of this site being 'hacked' and partly destroyed, I have managed to get everything back up, but not without hard work. It took me night hours to get this site back up similar to what it was before, I will be adding more things to this site, just give me time, and I will get them up. I am sorry for those who couldn't get on this site, on November 16, I was adjusting the site to its new look that it has now, and I will continue to add things. And for now, all of us can forget about the "Message Boards" for a while. Trust me, I have my reasons not to make the message board, but if you want to, you can send me an email commenting me on the site, asking questions about the site, and I will put a an 'FAQ' of your questions. The email address is on the home page. so just use that one and send me an email. Also, if you have any suggestions whatsoever, don't hesitate to send an email to me, check home page for email address. Thank you very much and enjoy the new look.

11/07/04 The entire site is now one year old.

10/23/01 The "What's New" Page was created.

10/19/01 The Recent / Upcoming Episodes were created, for the convenience of those who want to know the round up of the episodes.

10/18/01 The Episode Guide was created for all of the Season of the show, Seasons 1, 2, and 3.

10/17/01 The Season 3 Episodes and guide were created and went public.

10/16/01 The Season 2 Episodes and guide were created and went public.

10/15/01 The Season 1 Episodes and guide were created and went public.

10/14/01 The first update to the site after its debut on September 10, 2001. I updated the home page a little, and I must say that there is a lot of work ahead for me to do. The reason it's been so long since I updated the site was because of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; one day after this site went public.

9/10/01 I re-named "The West Wing" Website to "The West Wing" Resource, and the anniversary dates for the entire site domain will be celebrated on November 7 of every year. I will also celebrate the date in which the site was renamed.

UPDATE Many updates were made to "The West Wing" Website, but will not be listed here because not many were made.

11/7/00 "The West Wing" Website created and available for the public.

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  We all can forget the email forums, the idea has been scrapped. No email forums will be created.

  Just a reminder: During the summer hiatus, rerun episodes will be aired. No more new episodes until the Season Premiere.

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