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Tips and Techniques 


Dan Horn's Creativity



Al Stevens' Music in Ventriloquism

Bill DeMar's Manipulation & Other Bits of Wisdom

Al Moessinger aka Allo's Adding Variety to Your Act

Gary Owen's Stage Craft for Ventriloquists

Steve Axtell's Performing with Latex Puppets

Steve Taylor's Canoodle Marketing



Jeff Dunham's the Art of Ad-libbing 

International ConVENTion Traveling by Doug Price

Judy Buch & Liz VonSeggen's Preparing and Rehearsing Your Act 

Al Getler's 10 Ways to Improve Your Act  

Dealing with Media: Television in the 21st Century by Gary Owen

International ConVENTion Traveling by Stevo Schuling

Dale Brown & Mark Wade present: Masterful Marketing Ideas 

Over and Over Again by Jeff Dunham

Dan Horn's Make it Move

David Fowler's Wig Care for Dummies



Mary Ann Taylor's 10 Top Ten Tips for Soft Puppet Care

Manipulation: The Illusion of Life by Pete Michaels

The Secret of Ventriloquism by Jay Johnson

Vent ConVENTion 101: How to Have a Great Time at a Vent Haven ConVENTion by Mark Wade

Mic & Sound System Technique by Jeff Dunham

Ballyhoo by Conrad Hartz

Dealing with Media: Radio by Gary Owen

The Dummy Sings: Using Music in Your Act by Pete Michaels

The Art of Ad-Libbing by Jeff Dunham

Ballyhoo by Conrad Hartz



Vent Basics by Jeff Dunham

Do You Have a Game Plan? by Mark Wade



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