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Convention Anecdotes  


Junior Showcase 2007

First Meeting of the Long Island/New York Vent & Puppeteers Group Held in December 


Neale Bacon & Conrad Hartz's Anecdotes

Al Good's 2007 VH ConVENTion

Florida Vent Association's September Meeting

My Trip to Vent Haven by John Hopper

The Story of Broken Chuck

What's New at the 2007 ConVENTion

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the 2007 VHC

Senior Showcase 2006

My First Trip to Ft. Mitchell by Mark James

Junior Showcase 2006

Jimmy Nelson Honored Guest at CFVA Meeting



Central Florida Ventriloquist Association November Meeting

Bob Fisher's Convention Memory

Chris Donahoe to Join Hospitality Committee

Funniest Convention Open Mic Act: Cecil Carpenter

Senior Showcase 2005

David Crone's First Convention Memories

Pictures That Talk: Sam Caron

Al Stevens' Convention Memories

Pictures That Talk: Carol Greene & Val Hilliker



Junior Showcase 2005

Pictures That Talk: Mary Kingsley & Ed Casey

Pictures That Talk: Sue Saltzman & Bruce Weaver

Dale Brown's First Convention Memory

Paul Winchell by Jay Johnson

Vents Look Out for Their Own - As Well They Should by Kelly Asbury

Bob McElroy Story by Gary Owen

Gary Koepke's First Time Convention Memory

Mary Boardman's First Time Convention Memory

John Parisi's First Time Convention Memory

My First Convention by Annie Roberts

Court at Chaucer's



Big Guys Speak: Jimmy Nelson, Jay Johnson, and Ronn Lucas

Lots of Johnnys






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