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Convention Anecdotes 2004

Big Guys Speak: Jimmy Nelson, Jay Johnson, and Ronn Lucas

Lots of Johnnys


December 2004

Big Guys Speak
by Anne Roberts, Vent Haven Museum Board of Directors

This convention anecdote is from my own convention memories.  During the 14th Annual ConVENTion back in 1988, there was a panel called Big Guys Speak featuring Jimmy Nelson, Jay Johnson, and Ronn Lucas.  At the time, I knew very little about actual ventriloquism but I remember sitting in the audience and cracking up listening to these comedic pros share their wit and wisdom.  Below are two video clips of highlights from that session. Click on the blue link to play using Windows Media Player.  

For Mac users, go to to download Real Player.

Big Guys Speak Video 1 - convention/bigguys.wmv

Big Guys Speak Video 2 - convention/bigguys2.wmv

The entire version of the Big Guys Speak is available for sale at the Vent Haven Museum gift shop during the convention.  Check it out during the bus tours.

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November 2004

Lots of Johnnys

Way back in 1982, Johnny Main was honored for being voted Vent of the Year in 1981 with a little roast as was the custom at the time -- a roast being where your friends step up to the mike and poke a little fun (or a lot of fun). at you.  Much to Johnny's surprise when it was his turn at the mike, he looked out in the audience and saw hundreds of Johnny Mains staring back at him.  What?  As part of the fun, all the audience members were holding Johnny masks up in front of their faces.  Clinton Detweiler got the masks printed up, and he and Adelia cut them out by hand and glued sticks on the night before for everyone to hold up.  Their hard work and humor paid off.  That was a good joke.

This anecdote was submitted by Dale Brown. Thanks, Dale!

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