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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where and when will the 2010 ConVENTion be held?

2. How much is Registration and how do I go about registering?

3. Do I pay the Day Rate or is the Pre-registration enough?

4. How much is a Dealers' Table and how do I do that?

5. Do you get any meals included in the Registration?

6. Where do I fly in order to come to the ConVENTion?

7. I'm a newcomer to this convention for me?

8. What about Vent Haven Museum?  Do we get to see it?

9. Do you take credit cards for registration?

10. Are there contests for me to participate in?

11. What is an "open mic" session?

12. Will I fit in since I'm new to vent?

13. I'm an international conventioneer. How can I pay for registration? 

14. Can I audio/videotape during the convention?

15. What will the weather be like and how should I dress?

16. Are there any events or shows open to the public?

17. If I bring my family, what can they do while I'm attending the convention?

18. How can I get a Group Photo?

If you have other questions or comments, please send them to Annie Roberts at

1. Where will the Vent Haven ConVENTion 2010 be held and when?

Vent Haven ConVENTion 2010 will be held on July 14-17 at the Drawbridge Inn
in Ft. Mitchell , KY.  Ft. Mitchell is only about 15 minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio. (For more information on The Drawbridge Inn, click the link on the left.)

CLICK HERE to download the 2010 Flyer and to Register For ConVENTion 2010

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2.  How much is registration and how do I go about registering?

The registration this year is $125 for the first family member and $95 for additional family
members until May 15, 2010.  After May 15, the registration goes to $145/$115.

Around February the official ConVENTion brochure will be sent out by mail and if you'd
like to be put on the mailing list you may do so by writing to the Executive Director, Mark Wade

Vent Haven ConVENTion
1424 Cascade Drive
Grove City, OH 43123

or email Mark at:

Be sure to ask to be put on the mailing list.  You may also phone in your address but return calls cannot be made due to budgetary reasons.  The ConVENTion's phone number is (614) 551-9587.  There will also be an online registration form on the web site around Feburary. Just download it and send it in.

CLICK HERE to download the 2010 Flyer and to Register For ConVENTion 2010

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3.  Do I pay a day rate or is the pre-registration enough?

The day rates of $50.00 per person per day only apply when you don't want a full registration.  The day rate applies when you can only be at the ConVENTion for a single day or two.  The $50.00 fee is for each individual day.  You buy your registration by the individual days that you can attend. 

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4.  How much is a dealer's table and where do I do that?

You may buy a dealer's table at $90.00 for the first table and $75.00 for one additional table when you register, but space is limited to only 24-26 dealers, so it is on a "first come" basis.  Each dealer must have merchandise related to ventriloquism in some way in order to be eligible for a table.

Many dealers take credit cards, especially those that sell figures.  Cash and checks are acceptable as well.  A list of the dealers attending will be released closer to convention time when all the tables have sold. 

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5.  Do you get any meals included in your registration?

No.  Since we are working at a convention center and hotel, there is no cafeteria-style eating and no meals provided.  However, we do have two restaurants on site that are open around the clock, and during the lunch time, we have a sandwich bar available in the hallway outside the ConVENTion lecture/stage area.  (For more on dining, click the Bring the Family link on the left.)

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6.  Where do I fly to in order to come to the ConVENTion?

You can fly into the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) and catch a free shuttle ride to the Drawbridge Inn.  The Drawbridge Inn provides this shuttle as a service to all attendees.

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7.  I'm a new comer to this ConVENTion for me?

Absolutely!  We offer things of interest for the beginners as well as the pros.  It's the only ConVENTion in the world where you can directly ask pro vents questions about the art and even have some one on one time with them.  This conVENTion is almost like a family reunion...there is a lot of sharing...a lot of learning ...and a lot of fun!!

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8.  What about the Vent Haven Museum?  Do we get to see it?

Yes.  We have free shuttle tours on Saturday of ConVENTion week from 12-4 that will get you to and from the fabulous Vent Haven Museum. There are three buildings on the museum site filled with photos, vent figures and puppets, memorabilia, and much more.  Sign-ups to ride the bus over to Vent Haven are available during Registration.  If you have a car and would like to drive yourself, directions to the museum are printed on the convention schedule.  Parking is limited.  Non-flash photography is permitted at Vent Haven but only for personal use.   In order to publish pictures of Vent Haven Museum including internet publishing, blogs, and picture-sharing websites, you must get written permission from Vent Haven Museum in advance at  

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9.  Do you accept credit cards to pay for the registration?

At this  But we may work on a plan in the future to bring that feature to our attendees.

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10.  Are there contests for me to participate in?

We did away with contests a number of years ago, but we have instead "Open Mic' sessions for both Juniors and Seniors.  This is on a "first come" basis as well with 10 spots being available in each group. We also have a General Open Mic session that will be expanded into three different sessions this year with 8 participants at each session. Keep watching the website to get the new method of how these spots will be applied for.

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11.  What is an "Open Mic" session?

An open mic session is not a contest; instead it is an opportunity for an attendee to do his or her best 6 minutes in front of an audience.  For those registered for the Junior and Senior Open Mics, each participant will get a DVD of their act and a certificate as well as comments from a panel of three judges, who will give their opinions as to how the act went, what needs to improve, etc.  There are no winners...there are no losers! This is a great way to brush up on your act without the pressure of a contest.  You only compete with yourself!

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12.  Will I fit in since I'm new to vent?

Absolutely!!  You may come as a stranger but you will leave inspired with a whole circle of vent friends, guaranteed!  This is THE place to learn and have fun with the art of ventriloquism.  It is a conVENTion run by pros who want to expand the art and to keep it alive and well.  Come enjoy the fun!!

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13. I'm an international conventioneer.  How can I pay for registration? 

You can mail an International Money Order with your registration, or you can wait to register once you arrive at the Drawbridge.  

The Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has a Fifth Third Bank branch in the airport that will exchange international currency.  It is located in Delta Concourse B near gate B11 and across from Borders books.  For more information about currency exchange, contact Fifth Third's airport branch at 859-647-5473.  

P.O. BOX 75011
PHONE: (859) 647-5473

Monday-Sunday 7:30am-8:00pm EST

If you plan to wait and register when you arrive, be sure to go ahead and make your hotel reservation with the Drawbridge Inn at 1-800-354-9793.

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14. Can I audio/videotape during the convention?

Audio or video recording of any kind during lectures or performances is strictly prohibited except for approved media people who will be wearing Media Badges.

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15. What will the weather be like and how should I dress?

Casual, comfortable clothes are most appropriate.  The Drawbridge is air-conditioned so if that tends to make you chilly, you might want to bring a sweater/sweatshirt to the sessions.  Shorts, jeans, khakis are all appropriate.  Comfort is most important.

The tours of Vent Haven are typically quite warm. Kentucky in July tends to be hot with daytime temperatures typically ranging in the 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although the museum buildings are air-conditioned, they are small and heat up fast with the large convention crowds.  Dress to be hot for the tours.

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16. Are there any events or shows open to the public?

No.  All activities are for registered attendees only.  However, you CAN purchase a single day convention pass and receive admittance to all activities on that day. The pass is $50. For the general public, Saturday would be the recommended day to purchase a single day pass, as the $50 price would include the Big Saturday Night Show, a tour of Vent Haven Museum, and three workshops.  Upon registration, you receive a name badge which is your ticket to all events. 

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17. If I bring my family, what can they do while I'm attending the convention?

Please click on the Bring the Family link for ideas about activities in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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18. How can I get a Group Photo?

Starting in 2006, the Group Photos will no longer be sold at Registration.  It will be available online through the Vent Haven ConVENTion website.  Anyone who would like a copy can download it and get it printed in your hometown.  If you use, you can get an 8x10 printed for less than $3.  Instructions for this process will be posted on the ConVENTion website along with the downloadable picture.

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