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Featured Figure:
Cecil Wigglenose


Date Created: circa 1937   Created by: George and Glenn McElroy

Used by: Valentine Vox (of Vox and Walters)

Special Features: Fright wig, stick out tongue, ears wiggle, winker, nose wiggles, eyes and eyebrows move, eyes cross, upper lip moves  

1. Cecil Wigglenose is the only McElroy figure in the Vent Haven collection that is regularly used. He is demonstrated by museum staff during regular guided tours and during unguided convention tours. 
2. In addition to Cecil Wigglenose, this figure has also gone by the name of "Jerry McGinty."
3. If you'd like to see this McElroy figure in action, you can view a short silent video of Cecil by visiting the multimedia section of the website or by clicking this link: low bandwidth | high bandwidth
4. Valentine Vox (of Vox and Walters) died in 1943.
5. Valentine Vox is a stage name, taken from a series of 19th century novels by Henry Cockton about a mystery solving ventriloquist.
6. This figure has been repaired and maintained several times. The McElroys restored the figure in 1974.
7. Most recently, ventriloquist and Vent Haven advisor Jeff Dunham repaired a stuck left eyebrow on January 17, 2004.
8. The photo to the left and the video mentioned above were both made in 2003, before the Dunham repair mentioned above. The stuck left eyebrow is noticeable in both. 
9. This figure was acquired for Vent Haven Museum by W.S. Berger prior to the summer of 1955.
10. Cecil is the official mascot of Vent Haven Museum. An image of Cecil appears on all official Vent Haven correspondence, and that same image appears in the upper left hand corner of every page on this website.
11. Cecil is on display in Building One of the museum and thus is not visible in any of the Quicktime Virtual Pans on this website.

Do you have additional information about this figure? Do you have a suggestion for a future Figure of the Month? Is there a figure maker whose work you would like to see featured? Let us know by emailing the Vent Haven staff.

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