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The Unknown

Welcome to the website known as "The Unknown". What is the purpose of this website? What will be on it? Well, alot of things will be covered and the purpose of this website is to give you knowledge on many subjects which can be hard to find anywhere. I will put a lot of things on here, even reveal some secrects and the such. I will mainly cover things that I know of, also I will link to interesting websites and I will try to type up what has not already been written. So basically the purpose of this website is to give YOU, the "Individual" knowledge and power, remember, Knowledge is Power and knowledge is survival. It is better to know it and not need it, then to need it and not know it. For what is on this website, you cannot hold me nor anyone else responsible for your actions. You can only hold yourself responsible for your own actions. If you do not want to take this risk, then do not try any of this stuff on the site as for some of it can be proven to be fatal to the individual, mentally, spiritually, and physically. So you have been forwarned about the fatality of the knowledge. Well let me continue on with this shitty ass introduction. I hope you enjoy this website, It is under construction and will be looking good pretty soon. Come and check on the website from time to time to see new updates.

Martial Science
Espionage And Stealth