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Paris HiltonParis Hilton has been in many shows and movies. She does many thing in her life. She
is my best friends idle. Paris has been in many T. V. Shows, movies and she models. Paris has done many things but the one that my friend and I are crazy about was her
T. V. show "The Simple Life" seasons 1 and 2, with her best fiend Nicole Richie. She made that T. V. show to show that she could live on a farm without the tings at her million dollar house. Also she played in a movie called "The House Of Wax" . I never saw the movie but I was told that it is very good. If you click on an link it will take you to a page to learn more about Paris Hilton , Niki and about what she has done so far. She also has a great family that are behind her the whole way. She also has allot of pets that she loves. Paris has also be in so many T. V. shows, magazines, commercials and so much more.
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Nocole Richie.