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Trust In God Always

God Loves You

WELCOME TO OUR HOME PAGE: Our Screen Names are Brother and Sister Tamn. We enjoy praying for people, comforting them, and encouraging their troubled spirits. OUR MISSION: We pray for single moms, unwed mothers, abuse victims, depressed people, rape victims, lonely people, and people that are suffering from an illness. We thank God for giving us this desire. Know if you need prayer, we're praying for you. OUR GOAL: Our goal in life is simply to make the world a better place to live in through the power of prayer. We believe prayer can change people's lives and that it can give inner peace, strength and tranquility. Also, we believe God answers prayer. The Bible invites us all to become a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. It says "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and will forgive them" Also, "Him that cometh unto to me, I will in no wise cast out". If you never accepted the Lord, we invite you to accept Him now. God bless you. OUR FRIENDS: We have many Internet friends that enjoy praying for other people. They belong to Internet Clubs and are burdened for the lost, lonely and broken hearted. They have seen God answer many prayers. They witnessed the love and power of God. They are earthly saints that God put on earth to pray for those in need. PRAYER: If you are in need of prayer, know we're praying the Lord will meet your needs, comfort you, and pour out His blessings upon you. May the Lord our God walk with you today, grant you peace, and meet all your earthly and spiritual needs. Thank you for visiting our page at Angelfire.
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