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Shannon's Lamp Service
Welcome to Our Site!

Shannon's Lamp Service, Inc.
Shamrock Shades
1210 North Limestone St.
Lexington, KY 40505
(859) 255-5285

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More Custom Lamps

Since 1956, Shannon's Lamp Service, Inc. has been a family operated lamp business in Lexington, Kentucky. We specialize in creating custom lamps and lamp shades. We also offer a very experienced lamp repair and service for our customers. In 1972 we began manufacturing hardback lampshades under the trade name "Shamrock Shades".
Custom shades have become a major part of our business,
as we offer shades on a retail and a wholesale level.

This is a photo from our Production Room.

Kentucky Wildcat Lamps - $49.95.

We carry a nice selection of restored antique lamps.
We offer both electrified and original oil working.
This inventory is constantly changing.

We carry a selection of Oil Lamps, Lamp Oil, Oil Burners, & Oil Lamp Wicks.
These items come in handy when the power goes off!! Be Prepared!!

We stock a full line of replacement glass shades for student style lamps.
This includes the most common 10" shades, along with 7" & 6" shades.
Also, as seen in the picture below, we carry a full line of lamp chimneys.

This is an antique lamp we have for sale at this time.
This is a B & H (Bradley & Hubbard) known as "The B&H".
It has been electrified and we are selling this lamp as pictured for $180.00.

The picture above and the picture below are matching fixtures.
They are circa 1910's and have been restored to their original beauty.
I have one displayed as a wall light and the other displayed as a ceiling light.
These can be used either way.
I have a pair of these same fixtures hanging in the hallway of my home.
They look great!! Only $85.00 each

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