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The band...

Hey everyone, we're Sanctified! If you haven't already figured it out, we are a christian band, and even though it is fun to show off, and entertain people, our number one goal is to bring more and more people to know our Lord, Jesus Christ. There are many people who think that just because they consider themselves "good" people,that they are going to heaven. Well, sorry, but these people are wrong. Not only do you have to model your life after Christ, but first you have to accept the Lord into your heart. You HAVE to believe that he died on the cross for your sins. If you believe that God sent his son to die a horrible death on the cross for people like you and me to be forgiven, and want to accept the Lord Jesus into your heart, pray this prayer: "Heavenly Father, I know that I am a sinner. God I know that you are the only perfect being. I understand what it means to be a Christian, and God I am ready to devote my life to you. I ask you to come into my heart, and wash away all of my sins God, for you are the King of my life. Thank you for saving me, and it is in your heavenly name I pray, Amen." *E-mail us for bookings, cd's (if/when we get one), and for more information on how to become a Christian!


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