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River Of Hope

Like a river flowing
The woman inside me
Wants to run free
So Leave me if you must
I am strong
I still have the memories
I still hear the laughter
And the river of tears

I won't forget the
Times we shared
I will always be
A little girl
Lost to many
But inside me lays this brave
Woman ready to explore
The world on her own

Like a river flowing
I want to explore freely
Yet I'm not alone at all
I have touched many hearts
I left a imprint on many souls

If only you knew
I made many laugh
And smile
I made many sad
Cause they saw my
My river of tears

But they saw I have hope
And they know I'm not alone
For as my new
Journey in life begins
I know I will go
Long and far

As long as I have hope
For better things in life
To reach for the stars
And never let go
To dream of things
I never thought was possible
I have a river of hope

To know the person
I have become
Can make a difference
In anothers life
To really be what I thought
I never could be
So see I'm not alone

For as long as I can breathe
I have hope
Like a river forever flowing
So is my hope

2003 Andrianna Holt

The wonderful midi you are listening to is entitled, Precious, and is
@David Folsom
and use with his permission