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Wednesday, 10 August 2005
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The Democrates started the Vietnam Conflict and their first official act was to assinate the South Vietnamese President so they could protect South Vietnam from North Vietnam and insert Democracy. If you spend a lot of time at Disney World you might buy into that crap ! Then when they weren't the benificiaries of the defense lobby anymore the Democratic Party flooded America with drugs to divert the public's attension to their efforts to sabatoge the war. Then the elite forced Nixon into signing A System To Delete The Need For War into the executive under the pressure of an inside take over through impeachment. Then the intelligence agencies began a Black Operational Government ( Mind Games To Dictate Socialology Against The Poor Which Began As Electronic Warfare Experiments ) against their newly dictated sub human citizens which florished into a program of Mccarthyism against the poor people while their party members , affiliates and lobby prospered. The media blitz that Watergate was over slush funds and dirty tricks is nonsense and the biggest bunch of bullshit in American history. If the Democrates wouldn't have been sleeping with every prostitute in Washington while their families were at home waiting for their return - then the Republican Party wouldn't have had no reason to tap them. Watergate was over the rich wanting to be communist - Their kids just weren't really being subjected to the war. Thank God for Mark Felt ! When a nation goes communist somebody ought to report it ! Warner Brothers printed the entire book of All The Presidents Men ! Simon And Shuster are political propagandist and have re-wrote history through censorship ! Read the truth ! Read Warner !
With over 2 million people in U. S. prisons (1 out of every 75 U. S. citizens are in prisons) and with over 47 million people without health insurance and with the U.S. vastley leading the world in the percentage of people with mental disorders at over 26 percent of their population and with our federal tax receipts falling to 7.4 in 2003 ( Corporations are paying the second lowest amount of income taxes in U. S. history at around 17 percent or less ) and with gasoline prices surging to over 2 dollars a gallon although the industry is extremely subsidized by your tax dollars ( One example that pisses me off is that for every dollar that ADM profits from ethanol sales it cost the taxpayers 30 dollars) and with corporate welfare escalating to unprecedented levels and vastly surpassing AFDC and Welfare and with the U.S. being the most violent nation in the industrialized world that also assembles the lowest voter turn out in the same industrialized community, the U.S. shouldn't be telling anyone how to govern but in turn should be taking courses in leadership !
It remains apparent that the international community is going to continue making a strong statement in opposing America's attempts in strengthening it's world supremacy and it's further efforts to spread the normalcy of it immorality ! For Example -- In 2001 foreign investments in the Unites States was around 167 Billion Dollars and in 2003 foreign investments were reported to have fallen to 40 billion dollars ! With this dramatic drop in foreign investments , this has left China as being the leader in receiving the most currency in foreign investments at around 53 billion dollars ! I should also mention that China currently controls the Panama Canel ! A continuation in this type of world diplomacy will undoubtedly lead to greater losses for our nation and could possibly lead us in to a long recession ! Maybe it's time we start setting higher standards in electing our politicians !
Because workers comp is used frequently by corporations in an effort to dictate their own government and since news articles have openly expressed that doctors where using the program to recover high mal practice insurance rates , it appears that wokers comp has turned into nothing more than a program of massive insurance fraud ! With a policy of ,I'm just not going to pay you because your poor , the insurance companies have only added to the duplicity of the program ! In the long run , State Vocational Rehabilatation Programs and Social Security end up being the long term providers of the program and it would only seem right that they become the benificaries of the premiums for workers comp ! What really needs to be addressed is the fact that Corporate America shouldn't benifit from fraud !
It wasn't to long ago , I can remember watching a PI on CNN bragging about the effectness of using sleep deprivation against his victims. With these kind of people in the communities seeking to induce a stroke or heart attack or to induce irrational behavior to keep from paying disability and injury claims with out any record of arrest you can be sure their conduct is being conducted with government consent. Also , their actions may include utilizing microwave devices to create involuntary nerve compulsion or to create other manifestations including using microwave weapons to induce sleep deprivation. I can go into any community and almost immediately start tuning in on homes being bugged and in many cases be very sucessfull in just utilizing a few frequencies from one Japenese Company. Does 360 ring a bell ? These aren't Government bugs. So being able to see and hear the proof and testimony against these corporations and insurance companies is much more conviencing than believing this activity is being policed. At least if it is , it's not being reported. Maybe their holding secrete trails ! These companies and insurance companies pay large amount of lobby money to congress and are well protected and any one studing this enviroment can clearley see that their acting with the same disposition of dioplomatic immunity. With the government allowing these corporations and insurance companies to act with a free hand in defending disability and injury claims it is clear that their being given a greater latitude of power than any government agency or allowed by law ! How far will a insurance company or corporation go in these cases ? I'll tell you from my own experiences - These people will do anything to disable you further , discredit you and even try to kill you at a much greater cost than to simply honor a valid claim.
I was curious as to what was the political motivation behind the recent aggressive behavior toward sex offenders and now its apparent ! Biotech ! In the seventies the government created the same kind of hysteria and wanted every child to have a transponder stuck in their teeth. The answer for stopping sex offenders is longer prison sentences and not a multi trillion dollar tracking program. To continue to let people out of prison who murder and rape children is insane and sentencing should be the real issue at hand ! Although the recent media and political blitz against sex offenders appears to be a genuine effort to discourage sex crimes against children , the reality is that the government is purposely over looking and not attacking the most important aspects of why child sex has become so prevalent in our communities. One investigation denoted that citizens with any social class or community or fraternal association that were being accused of sex offenses were not being prosecuted and their wives were being treated as liars. Career people are being allowed to openly have sex in parks and on the streets with little or no action being taken by their local police forces. Aggressive programs are being implemented into our school systems to try to teach children to be gay and are being disguised as programs of tolerance and are only acting to confuse children. The government has directed the APA as the assigned institution to dictate the standards of morality but yet they have openly contended that they think child sex is normal and they are constantly and aggressively battling to gain acceptance of having sex with children and under aged teens. One investigation showed congress was taking lobby money from pedophile organizations that was being funneled through churches and other organizations . Congress also passed Project 16. Judges have thrown material out of their court rooms from this experimental program and classified it as pedophilia. It's been reported that the CIA has been investigated multiple times for utilizing under age children as sexual tools in an effort to extort our own federal agents and other diplomats. Rumors across America about different vectors utilizing homosexuality in Black Projects to destroy the creditability of their victims have become so redundant that their more like accumulative evidence than rumors. Who are the real sex offenders in America and why are their activities and political motives being ignored. Should the polical lobby system be the polical motivation of our judicial process or should the laws be re-designed to facilitate child murders and rapist for life. What's currently being imposed is a program of anarchy and corporate welfare ! If ex cons aren't allowed to work or live anywhere you can be insured their inspiration for new crimes will be out of survival at the peril of our community and their members !
As America continues it's efforts to create a program of bio tech to facilitate corporate welfare by tracking prisoners the concept is hardly new. Many corporations such as Cubic Corporation ( " A major manufacture of implantable chips " ) openly lobbies that every child born should be implanted with one of their chips. But how does the U. S. Government and their Corporations currently seek to permanently lock lower class citizens out of being able to work and live in our system ? One way is if they don't like your heritage. They may simply seek to lock you out because they hate Swedes or what ever your ancestry may be ! They may seek to permanently lock you out if they disable you and you fail to obtain enough legal assistance to overcome their skin head program of Kill The Disabled. They may seek to lock you out because you had a disagreement with an employer or if a fraternal member such as a Whiner gets his panties in wad over something that never happened. They may simply lock you out because of their intent to provide false and misleading information about your character through walking dossiers and character assignations in programs such as the Buddy System or through corporate fictionalized depictions to get society to feel sorry for their kids. These political attacks are well thought out implied actions of class warfare and are very similar to the systems in Communist Red China and other eastern block countries. Maybe these corporations could use their political lobby to let congress know that it's OK to be communist so that America can move on to a more positive direction and the rest of us can be spared the theatrics.
Gm is another reason why corporate welfare is socialism and anti capitalist and why their is no longer a free market in America. Clinton gave the big three - GM , Ford , Chrysler - 333 million dollars under the New Generation Of Vehicles Program and ensured the public that this was the solution to global competetiveness. In 1994 the big three posted a 13.9 billion dollar profit. Now all of a sudden GM is creating a fear campaign that thousands of their employees will lose their jobs. I guess this is the preview to another multi million dollar bailout by the taxpayers. If GM can't make their corportion profitable then maybe they should sale it to a corporation that has the inguniety to do so. What these goofballs are looking for are the taxpayers to pay for their production cost and to be able to sit in front of their share holders and tell them what creative and inventive direction their corporation is heading in. Any idiot can make a corporation profitable when the taxpayers are paying for their operation. Hell - maybe GM would like the government to build the cars for them and deliver them to their lot ! Theirs suppose to something called a free market in America that is free of government control but I tell you - it's just not existant.
Did anyone notice that during the presidential election that under the topic of expensive health care costs, no one mentioned anything about the insurance companies' major investment losses? I don't know of any company that can sell you a contractual policy, then go out and lose the money you paid them for that service in a series of bad investments and then recharge you for the same contractual obligation by increasing your premiums. What the insurance companies are asking for is a 100 percent protection guarantee on their investments and what the American people need is enforced insurance regulation to stop the extortion and to create a fair market for health care!
If there isn't going to be any standards of accountability in Major League Baseball, then Pete Rose should be immediately reinstated and inducted in the Hall of Fame. At least his accomplishments were achieved by the ability of his natural talent and not by the utilization of performance enhancement drugs. If Major League Baseball is going to become a program of sociology we might as well change the game to slow pitch and elect George Bush Jr. as the commissioner and let the tax payers pay the players salaries.
I was watching a news show recently where one soldier in Iraq contended that everyone in his immediate group had a purple heart. Our military is understaffed , overworked and excessivly utilized while being in less than 100 percent health to make up for our executives dicision not to provide enough troops to stabilize the region. I thinks the military's discontent with the quagmire in Iraq simply turns into family concerns back here. If a volunteer military doesn't or cannot deploy enough people to stablize a region and the executive refuses to provide a more equatable and fair insertion into the area then you have to question the political importance of the war against terror !

Posted by ky3/rguy at 11:39 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 10 June 2005 10:05 AM EDT
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