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Red Neck Goat Farm

We take pride in our farm.

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We are a small farm in Southeastern Kentucky.I started raising  goats over 20 years ago. We started into the Boer goats in 2002. We have several nice quality percentage Boers on the farm now. We have move away from raising full bloods. We feel the percentages are more profitable.We are now farming on the land where I grew up and the barn and fences has run down somewhat over the years, so we have been making a lot of repairs to the barn and the fencing, new gates, new troughs, I have to say the farm is really starting to shape up. We have added a few ponies to our mix, I beleive they help with the preditors. We don't have any goats for sale at this time, we are trying to increase our herd. We have several new kids that will be coming very soon.This will keep Dianna busy, but she is use to it, because she does most of the work anyway. Check back soon and we may have some pictures. If you have some Goats for sale drop us a line or give us a call. Thanks for looking! Our Farm is located about 12 miles outside of Whitesburg, Kentucky on Kingscreek.

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Red Neck Goat Farm

Owners; Glenn & Dianna Caudill

 8018 HWY 160 Whitesburg , KY 

 Phone: 606-633-8841