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worship it.

    Top 5 - Billboard (1:10am Sat 8/7/04)
  1. Slow Motion, Juvenile
  2. Lean Back, Terror Squad
  3. Confessions Part II, Usher
  4. Turn Me On, Kevin Little (???)
  5. Sunshine, Lil Flip

    Top 5 - WNCI (1:29am Sat 8/7/04)
  1. Burn, Usher
  2. Tipsy, Jkwon
  3. The Reason, Hoobastank
  4. I Dont Wanna Know, Mario Winans
  5. Meant To Live, Switchfoot

    8:04am sat 8/7/04

    hey sexy. ive returned from my trip to hawaii, and if you are the least bit interested those pictures will go up eventually. youll have to excuse the pure shitiness of the website, its kind of a rough draft to see if i can still write html code, and i cant. thus, this was born. you really already know everything about me cause im kinda a rather open/blunt, whatever you want to call it, person. quotes will go up. more of these logish thingys. ill update the top 5 (cause in case you dont know, im an audio whore...). and finally, to conclude, id like to say somebody call me because im often bored and in need. 7464566.

    PICTURES 8/7/04


    :xbox people collectively worship screen: