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Sand Elves

Sand Elves:

    Sand elves are the rougish cousins of elves. Sand elves are genreally nomadic, but dwell primarily on the planes of neutral chaos: Gladsheim, Limbo, and Pandemonium. They are thought to have originally come through a rift that connects a desert area on the prime to the depths of the soup of chaos that is Limbo. To this day, the the largest or the rare permanent cities inhabited by the sand elves, called "The City of Iron," is a walled citadel in a treacherous area of limbo called the "shifting desert." The shifting desert seems to be a reflection of the prime desert that the nearby planar rift connects to on the prime, but in reality, the desert is every bit as unpredicatable and dangerous as the primordial soup of chaos that covers most of limbo.
    Sand elves are very introspective. As a result of the extreme environment that they call home, sand elves have a very rough-and-ready attitude. They believe in the strength of the few--or the individual. The only authority in sand elf society is a vague system of respect. To earn a sand elf's respect takes skill, wit and ability. A sand elf accords respect to those with strong self-images and ability to match. They have difficulty respecting those with lower intelligence than themselves. Non sand elves find it exceptionally difficult to earn respect in this way from a sand elf, but it can be done.
    The individualist sand elf ideals make their attitudes consitant with those of the Fated, Signers, Free League, and Anarchists. Despite their chaotic outlook, few of their numbers are melancholic enough to join the Bleakers.
    Some sand elves appear similar to their elf cousins. others have been changed by the very planes of chaos that they call home, including such variations as swarthy skin and deep black hair. Eye color among sand elves seems to be truly random.

Game Attributes: If you use the statistics of planar elves as written in Dragon #235, assume those to be planar settlers of a more mundane sort, similar to the way planar humans came to the planes.
    Sand and elves have some different ability modifiers and S&P abilities: