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Hybsil are half-pixie, half-antelope. They tend to be quite small (about 3' tall overall). Hybsil usually have antelope horns growing from their head, and have long ears. Few hybsil have humanoid-style hair, rather their heads are covered with the short hair common to antelope. Their humanoid torso usually has a very fine covering of hair. Hybsil cannot grow beards. Hair and eye color is brown and green or brown, respectively.

Hybsil may become cavaliers, druids, fighters, rangers, thieves, and multi-classed fighter/druids, fighter/thieves, or ranger/druids.

Hybsil are highly attuned to the feelings and natural tendencies of most equines (horses, zebras, antelope, etc.) and have the equivalent of the animal handling and animal lore non-weapon proficiencies.

Although hybsil sometimes encounter the same problems as centuar with respect to humanoid structures, their much smaller size allows them to overcome most of these potential difficulties. Nonetheless, due to their inherently natural bent, most hybsil prefer the wide open spaces of fields and the outdoors in general, and avoid tight quarters.

Hybsil are naturally very tough, gaining a bonus on all saving throws. For each 3 points of constitution, a hybsil saves at +1.

In a manner similar to centaurs, hybsil can carry extra equipment. They gain only a 1 step bonus to Encumbrance Limits Table however.

Hybsil speak the following languages: common, elf, and hybsil. They hate bugbears, gnolls, and ogres, gaining a -4 Armor Class bonus when fighting such creatures, due to their skill and long history fighting their larger opponents.

Hybsil receive a +1 bonus to their initially generated Consitution and Dexterity, but must take a -2 penalty to Strength.