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East Coast Carvers want to be your pumpkin pimping people!!!

East Coast Carvers bring you the latest technologies in pumpkin carving along with our 58 years experience.

Here is an example of some of our work.

Here are the same pumpkins all lit up.

A picture of our workshop and some pumpkins being pimped.

This is our pumpkin debrainer, Jackie, getting down and dirty.

We LOVE what we do!

This is our buffer, Candace, we like to keep things clean.

It's a hard job, but we do it for you!(Candace and Ray)

We don't stop until you are satisfied. (Ray)

Meghan is our detail girl and is one of the best on the East Coast.

This is the boss, Bob, and he is pretty damn hard on us.

This is Crazy Pat, our finisher.

It may take Pat hours, but he does the best work around.

Pat admiring a masterpiece.

Shrek - Done by Sharky

Puss in Boots - Done by Patrick

Cat Boo! - Done by Jackie

Coffin - Done by Meghan

Moon Face - Done by Candace

Flaming Skull - Done by Ray

If you would like your pumpkins pimped just contact us at 1-800-Pimpin-Pumpkins for a free estimate.