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Paducah Shooter's Supply Paintball Field:
3919 Old Cairo Rd
Paducah, KY
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Young Guns 3-Man Tournament

The field was wet, but the skies were clear on March 6th as twelve teams stalked onto the fields of battle. Games were fierce and competition was high, and many casualties were taken among the reffing staff. The teams played through eleven matches apiece on both the airball field and the center spool field. When the dust settled and the last paintball was fired, the winning team stood victorious: Raven's Ripcurl.

Airball Returns to Shooter's

After a long winter of hibernation, the dearly missed airball bunkers have been drug out of storage and set-up on the field. Airball set-ups will be changed on a weekly basis, however extenuating circumstances may occur, preventing this. Field Manager Zach Roach, is responsible for coming up with new "pimptastic" ideas for set-ups, but is open for suggestions. Submit any designs you have to any of the field staff.

Wanna Become a Referee?

Unhappy with the calls? Think that you can do a better job? Well, now is your chance to make a difference. Shooter's will be hiring two additional referees to match with anticipated business demands of this summer. Applicant's will need to get their applications from Zach Roach. Wanna be refs are required to pass a test over rules, safety regulations, and basic maintenance of markers. Also, paintball experience will be a factor. New refs will not share the benefits of the senior reffing staff, but will recieve the same pay. All persons interested are encouraged to apply.


: Saturday & Sunday (12pm - 5pm)
(or anytime by appointment

Field Fee
: $5.00 Field Fee

: $10.00 (includes marker, mask, & 9oz CO2)

Air Fills
: CO2-$3.00(9oz-12oz) or $5.00(14oz to 20oz)
: HP Air-$1.00 per 1000psi

Field Paint Only
: Starting at $12.95 per 500