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Volume 9, Issue 1                                                                                    Sept, 2008

Welcome to a New Year of Scouting!
We would like to take time to welcome all of our new scouts and their families,
as well as our seasoned scouts and their families. Our Cubmaster, Scott Reynolds, has put together
an exciting year of activities.  I hope you will take the opportunity to participate in several of them.
It will be a great way to get to know us and your fellow scouts better and to make your
family bond stronger.  If at any time throughout the year you need to contact
us for any reason, please feel free to do so.
Laura DuVall - Committee Chair
(270) 737-5246
Scott Reynolds - Cubmaster
(270) 763-6667
Debbie Schaffner - Assistant Cubmaster
(270) 765-5234

Popcorn Sales - For all scouts who sell $500 or more, our Cubmaster has agreed to let you personally throw a cream pie at him.  He's very
willing to take a lot of pies to help out our pack finances so we can pay for your awards and recognitions this year.

Popcorn orders will be due no later than Oct. 24th.  This is our next pack meeting.  Please have scouts name and telepone number on the order forms
before turning them in to Laura or Debbie.

Pumpkin Contest -October 24th Pack Meeting/Halloween Party
We will have a contest for the best designed pumpkin and the ugliest pumpkin.  These can be real or artificial pumpkins.  Be very creative and enjoy this as a family.

The Venture Crew will be back again this year to entertain our Cub Scouts at the party.  We are asking for donated bags of individually wrapped candy.
Just a few bags per den is all that will be necessary.

Scouting for Food & Annual Lock-in - All scouts who plan to help in this event should have their complete uniforms by this time.  This includes:
Shirt, with proper patches, neckerchief & slide, and belt.  Hats are optional, official pants and socks are not required by our pack.

Flyer distribution will take place on November 8th.  Boys will be given details on where to meet and locations to be covered by their den leaders.
Our Lock-in this year will be held on November 14th at First Christian Church on North Mulberry Street in E'town from 7:00pm to 8:30am.  There will
be a $2.00 fee for all who participate with the exception of our adult leaders.  Scouts will leave on the morning of November 15th to collect food items which
will be taken back to College Heights United Methodist Church.  These items will stock their foor pantry so holiday baskets can be made for people in our

Winter Camp Out - December 5th to the 7th at Cub World in Camp Crooked Creek, Clermont, Ky
Plan to participate with us at our first ever winter campout.  Just a short drive on I-65 North to Exit 112, Right on to Hwy 245 to Boy Scout Reservation sign. 
Turn right into subdivision and follow road back to the scout camp.  Tents and sleeping bags, plus winter clothing are needed for this event.
More details will be given later.

Check out our Pack Events Page!!

    11th- Frontier District's Fall Family Fun Day at Larue County Fairgrounds from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  Kids will enjoy
             Archery, BB Shooting, Fish and Wildlife Booth, Forestry Department booth, and more!
    14th- Roundtable at First Presbyterian Church - 7pm
    19th- Pack Committee Meeting at CHUMC - 5pm
    24th- Pack Meeting/Halloween Party at CHUMC - 6:30pm
    24th- Popcorn orders due (We need these no later than this date)
    25th- Haunted Woods at Tunnel Mill Socut Reservation, Charlestown, Indiana
             (Starts at 11:00am - Cost is $5.00 per person if registered by Oct. 19th.  $8.00 per person
             after this date.  If intersted, please contact Scott Reynolds at 763-6667

    8th- Scouting for Food Flyer Distribution - See the den leaders for details
    11th- Roundtable at First Presbyterian Church - 7pm
    14th- Pack Lock-in at First Christian Church - 7pm (you need to bring sleeping bags & Pads)
    15th- Scouting For Food Pickup- Dens will collect food in there designated areas and return items
             to College Heights United Methodist Church
    16th- Pack Committee Meeting at CHUMC - 5pm
    21st- Pack Meeting as CHUMC - 6:30pm

    5th-7th Winter Campout at Cub World in Camp Crooked Creek, Clermont, KY
    9th- Roundtable at First Presbyterian Church - 7pm
    14th- Pack Committee Meeting at CHUMC - 5pm
    19th- Pack Meeting at CHUMC - 6:30pm (Holiday Celebration, too!)

    9th- District Recognition Banquet for Scout Leaders at St. James Catholic Church - 6:30pm (small fee + a dish)
    13th- Roundtable at First Presbyterian Church - 7pm
    17th- Pinewood Derby Workshop at CHUMC - 1-4pm (DO NOT BRING PAINT!)
    25th- Pack Committee Meeting at CHUMC - 5pm
    30th- Pack Meeting at CHUMC - 6:30pm
    31st- University of Scouting - Adult Leaders Training (Male High School in Louisville, KY)