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Recurring adult
leader/parent meetings
Second Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm: Roundtable, 1st Presbyterian Church. 
Roundtables are monthly meetings sponsored by the district.  Information is passed on to the pack at these meetings and most of the time is spent in mini-training activities - showing you games, crafts, songs and other ideas for things you may want to do with your den. About half the time is spent in breakout groups by level (Tiger Cubs, Wolfs/Bears, Webelos, Cubmasters, Administrative) with the
session focused on activities or issues appropriate for that age or job. It is a chance to exchange ideas with other den leaders. Besides it's a lot of fun. Try to make at least one Roundtable this year. 

Sunday before Pack Meetings, 5:00pm: Parent/Pack Committee meeting, College Heights United Methodist Church
The pack committee meets once a month to pass information on to the dens, to make decisions about how the pack is run, to plan the pack meetings and to exchange ideas between den leaders.  Each den is required to have a representative at every meeting I would prefer that it be a den leader if possible. If neither leader can attend, you will need to find a parent to take your place. The
meeting will last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Den leaders will turn in their award request sheets to the Awards Chairman at this time. This meeting is vital to the success of our pack 


Pack meetings
Pack Meeting are at College Heights United Methodist the last Friday of the month unless a holiday.

Dens meet at College Heights United Methodist Church! Contact your Den Leader to find out when!

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