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This is the list of events for the Calendar year 2008-2009!
All dates are Tentative.
As the year progresses more information will follow,
as will additional events.
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Updated October, 2008

Date Event
October 11th
Family Fun Day at Larue County Fairgrounds 9-3
October 14th
Roundtable- 1st Presbyterian- 7pm
October 19th
Pack Committee Meeting- 5pm
October 24th
Pack Meeting/Halloween Party 6:30pm
October 24th
October 25th
Haunted Woods at Tunnel Mill-- Starts at 11am--Cost $5 before 19th, $8 after
November 8th
Scouting for Food Flyers Distribution
November 11th
Roundtable at 1st Presbyterian- 7pm
November 14th
Pack Lock-in at First Christian Church-7pm (Need to bring sleeping bags and pillows
November 15th
Scouting for Food Pick-up (Dens will collect food and bring back to CHUMC
November 16th
Pack Committee Meeting- 5pm
November 21st
Pack Meeting at CHUMC- 630pm
December 5th-7th
Winter Camp Out at Cub World at Camp Crooked Creek, Clermont, KY
December 14th
Pack Committee Meeting- 5pm
December 19th
Pack Meeting and Holiday Celebration at CHUMC- 6:30pm
January 9th
District Recognition Banquet for Scout Leaders at St. James Church-630pm
January 13th
Roundtable at First Presbyterian Church-7pm
January 17th
Pinewood Derby Workshop at CHUMC-1:00pm tp 4:00 pm (do not bring paint)
January 25th
Pack Committee Meeting- 5pm
January 30th
Pack Meeting at CHUMC- 6:30pm
January 31st
University Of Scouting-Adult Leaders Training at Louisville Male High School in Louisville -($20 if register by the 19th)

Squire Boone Caverns in Mauckport, Indiana offers programs for Cub scouts to earn
their Geology Belt Loops and Pins. They also offer programs for Webelos to earn their Forester and
Geologist Activity Pins.  Different dates are available through the summer.  For information
call (812) 732-4382 or log on to

If you would like to attend any of these events, plese contact your child's

Den Leader As soon as Possible!