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"Ryder Music by 50 Cent"
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5-11-05 sorry guys didnt hear much but i did cause a lil havoc by throwing the taco shells in the hallway in i cant be stopped also i herd that the play is gay but thas jus me u tell me and ill update this bich
5-10-05 Sorry guys i wasn't in school today but i do know that while i was home sick i IMed Hayley's cell phone hoping it was on in class so that it got taken away...aren't i a bastard?? lol
House Rhaney Homework Here is the House Rhaney Homework for 5-11-05/

LA: bich ass quiz on friday on figurative speech BICHES

Math 7: Day #1 of that shit is gay

Algebra: dont kno not in it

Sci: Reread pages 21-30. Complete Section Review p. 25, #1-4 and p. 29, #1-5 do dat shit biches

Soc. St: ok well there is a test tomorrow so yeah study for dat shit.

Well there it not telling you to do it im just telling you what it is