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Lucille & Bill Vaughn
Lucille (Moss) and Bill Vaughn

Mary Magdaline
George & Billy
George and Mary Magdaline Nelson and Billy Moss

Mae Moss & Kids
Vera Mae (Nelson) Moss, Joyce Ann and Betty Jo

Mae Moss
Vera Mae (Nelson) Moss

Mary Pearl & George
Mary Pearl (Nelson) Baker and George Nelson - unknown man on left

Mary Pearl and ???
Mary Pearl (Nelson) Baker with unknown people.

Mary Pearl, Oscar
& Marshall Kirby
Mary Pearl and Oscar Baker with Marshall Kirby

Oscar Baker, Russell
Edith & Odell
Oscar Baker with children Russell, Edith and Odell

Oscar Baker, George Nelson and Arnold Nelson

Vishue & Irene Nelson and Family
Vishue, Irene, Owen, Jim, Herbert, Mae, George, Mary Pearl and Perry.

Vishue Nelson & Children
Vishue, George, Jim, Owen, Arnold, Perry, Earl, Herbert, Mae, Katherine, Mary Pearl

Vishue Nelson & Others
Unknown, Owen Nelson, George Nelson, Stanley Moss, Billy Moss, Chatman Moss, Russell Baker, Horace Moss, Vishue Nelson

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