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Nagasaki Hash House Harriers

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The Nagasaki Hash House Harriers meet every two weeks for a 5 km Hash Run (or walk, stroll or crawl!) in and around Nagasaki. After all the running, getting lost and "ON ON's", the "ON IN" means that cold beer (or juice for the drivers!) and deliciously cremated BBQ await the Hash runners, all for 1500 Yen!! All are welcome, we have members too old to give an accurate age, to those in pushchairs (no, not Capn Birdsye, although he could sometimes use one up the hills!) Its a great way to meet new people in the area, both Japanese and Gaijin, and most importantly good fun. The Nagasaki Hash House Harriers are currently seeking sponsorship from local business. What better way than to have your company logo on the Hash Runners T-Shirts as they make their way round the streets of Nagasaki. This site is slowly under construction, any ideas, photos and useful links greatly appreciated. ON ON Johnny "Hopscotch" Walker