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i sat in tears hurting from the events of my life

You walked towards me and raised my chin and whispered What has harmed you little one?

my tears kept flowing even harder as i shared with You all that has happened to me.

You didnt run nor did You scold me You merely assured me You would comfort me,

as i stood scared and worried You brushed all that away from me as You took my hand in Yours

i feel safe and secure held by You and i look forward to many new tomorrows as You teach and mold all of me as i need,

please keep me safe and teach me myself again as i open more to You each day.

i enjoy all the walks W/we have and i look forward to all the tomorrows You give to me.

i thank You for all that You have shown me is real again i now have me to offer

Life is a precious walk of Us all and W/we must take hold of this life and live to Oour fullest.

...:::my heart to You:::...




D/s Realities