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Welcome to 

Electric Art Tattoo 
& Piercing!

Following construction, we opened June 22, 2000.  The studio was designed to provide the customer with privacy.  A place for people to relax.  Our stations are spacious enough to accommodate the artist, client, and people they brought with them.  The computerized flash system  enables our receptionist to show you design ideas quickly and efficiently.  We are connected to the internet to browse, and we always encourage you to bring in your own ideas.  


In December of 2001 we added flash to the walls of the shop.  This will allow people to browse until someone is available to help them. 

front_flash.JPG (29630 bytes)

Our sterilization equipment is kept in a "Clean" room. 

Location and Phone information:  

159C East Reynolds Road ( map )


Hours for the shop are :
                                        2 - 10 pm Monday thru Thursday
                                        12:30 - 10 Friday and Saturday
                                        12:30 - 6   Sunday

Payment Options:   Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Debit Cards bearing the Visa or MC logos.