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Middle Fork Farms is owned and run by (myself), my wife, Carla, and our two boys, Charlie and Tucker. Middle Fork Farms is a small farm in eastern Kentucky rolling on 15 acres.  Our livestock usually consists of 45-80 Full blood boer goats, depending on the number of kids we have. 


My wife and I work for the Lee County School District.  She is a teacher and I am Asst. Principal at the High and Middle School.  We got married in 1999, but we have been together much longer.  We have been working with goats since 2002. We started out with some boer crosses and moved on to Fullblood boers after about six months when we  saw an opportunity in our region to help produce some quality animals.  Once we began with boers, we began to like the different colors and that is what has gotten us here today.  We only use non-traditional bucks and run 3-4 at all times, We have around 30-40 does and all are nontraditional 

We offer quality animals for sale at all times.  We have any bloodline you are looking for and have worked to produce some quality colored animals.  Just contact us if you are looking for something specific.