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    Middlecreek Vol. Fire Dept.
Middlecreek Ky.

Web Site Designed By: Parker DeRossett                                                                                                                                  Web Site Created: Aug. 10,2002
             Fire Drill 7-9 pm Tue. Nights.
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FALL SQUIRREL SEASON Aug. 16 – Nov. 7, 2003; Nov. 10, 2003 - Jan. 31, 2004

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Our Favorite Web Sites

Online store for your Fire/Police/Ems needs.                                                        The Local Weather for Prestonsburg Ky.

Firehouse is a great place to learn and get info.                                                   The Emergency Weather Broadcasters

Yahoo says it all                                                                                               Desktop Weather Propram.

MCFD Pictures                                                                                                                  The Fire Fighting Store

Ky. Fire Station Web Sites                                                            Local Scanner Freq.'s

Picture of M.C.F.D.                                                                                    Ky. 10-codes & Signals


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