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Madiba  Friendly  Township  Tours

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Welcome to Madiba Friendly Township Tours!

Madiba Tours takes visitors into Kayamandi, a predominately Black township near to Stellenbosch.  Stellenbosch is in the heart of the winelands in the Western Cape, approximately 45 minutes from Cape Town.  Many visitors come to Stellenbosch but never see the disadvantaged area of Kayamandi, only seeing the relatively rich town centre and surrounding wine estates.  Visitors are encouraged to visit Kayamandi and get a better understanding of how a large proportion of South Africans are living.  From Kayamandi you can also see some stunning views of the surrounding mountains and winelands.

The vast majority of people living in Kayamandi are Xhosas with a rich history and culture.  Many visitors to Kayamandi are surprised at the very friendly welcome they receive.  The tours are run by Aubrey Mpenmnyama who has been living in Kayamandi for years, after moving here from the Eastern Cape.


For Kayamandi township tours:    Phone (021) 889 6594 or 083 479 2801




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