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Block 10

The Auschwitz Medical Experimentation Center

Block 10 experimentations

The Auschwitz Death Camp came about in 1940. From their previous concentration camps prisoners were loaded onto trains and transported to Auschwitz, this would be their final stop.

After arriving at Auschwitz, and being roughly removed from the trains, the prisoners would be sorted by 2 words, left or right. Those sent to the right were condemned to the gas chambers, those sent to the left had their lives spared for the moment, but most would soon reach a more terrifying and gruesome end.

Women sent to block 10 were experimentation subjects for sterilization. Caustic substances would be injected into their abdomen to block the fallopian tubes. Many of the women would die from complications, those who didnít would have their ovaries taken out and be sent to the gas chambers soon after.
Those inmates who were used for immediate dissection were given an injection of phenol to their heart and died within two minutes.
Genetic testing was also carried out. The subjects of these experiments were often twins, dwarfs, and hunchbacks. During these tests infectious diseases were administered through shots, blood transfusions of one type to the other were given, and dye was injected into the eyes to try and change the color.

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