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Heaven's Hope Graphics. . . There You'll Be

Little John Doe

A small boy found
In a abandoned field
Covered in snow
We have no name yet
So we call him little John Doe

His small body
Battered and bruised
Dressed only in pants
Without any socks or shoes

Who is the little boy
Do we have any clues
How could anyone
Do this to a small child

Will we ever find out who
Did this and bring the
Accused to trial

Or will this case
Remain unsolved
Because we have so little
Manpower to stay involved

How can we put this
Little boys body to rest
Is what I want to know
When we keep asking ourselves
Who is little John Doe?

Copyright 2003 Andrianna Holt

Dedicated to all the little John Does
In this world,I pray that justice is
Served and who harmed you gets punished

Midi By Bruce DoBer