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A bit about me...

I first joined the SCA in January of 1988 or A.S. XXII. From the first Baronial meeting at 300 humanities (UofL) I felt as if I was home. I met many wonderful people that have helped me along the way. My first office was about 4 months after I joined I became Deputy Seneschal. My second office was Archery Captain where I learned to pull a 45 lb. long bow (archery wasn’t as popular back then) We met in the same gym while fighter practice was going on in the other half. In time archery was built up to where it is today and I am glad to have had a part in that. I became Chatelaine the next year. Yes, I actually held all three offices at once (something I think is unheard of now). My first Border Raid was fun, I got to fill in for a field Herald to walk about and call the fighters to combat. I was out in the sun a bit too much that day, but my fellow SCAdians helped me to feel better. Later the night I was called to judge the Bardic contest at the tavern because our mistress of arts got ill. That was my first go at an event and I was hooked. At my first Christmas Tourney I was the Feastocrat. It turned out fine all except the mulled wine for the revel, which turned out as hot red wine with a spice sediment at the bottom of the bowl. At my second Border Raid I hosted the Archery contest which unfortunately was called short because the Royals called morning court. Funny thing happened at that same Border Raid. I was belly dancing at the tavern that evening. I figured I would save time and dress for that so I could go straight from Court to the tavern. Never in my life had I thought that I was going to get my AOA that night. There I sat among my friends (who knew what was about to happen) when I hear the Herald call my name. I look around at my friends now grinning from ear to ear then I look down and realize I am in full belly dance gear and my cleavage proudly displayed in my new outfit and bra to match. Thank goodness I have long hair as I am walking up to kneel before all the Royals (there were other Kingdoms there as well) I am pulling my hair over my bra to cover the obvious. His Majesty was highly amused with my dilemma, while Her Majesty was not. I had a great time being in the Barony and being an officer as well as part of the populous. After I left my offices, I found out that I had Cancer so I was out of the loop for a while with surgery and recovery. I came back to a lot of new faces but stayed out of any offices just wanting to be a part of the Barony. I went to work full time and got involved with someone that was not a part of the SCA (never agian). So I drifted away for a while. Time marches on and life makes turns you never are ready for. My Mother (and best friend) passed away and my Dad got sick and things got put on the back burner. Other groups came to the forefront and took a lot of time and effort for me to manage. Now, the tides are turning once more and I hope to come back to the place I once called home within the Barony of the Flame.