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I have also been fostering for a local foster group for the last year. I get a new dog Friday April 1. He will be the first since I've had any piggies.

Here's my other critters


Jake(2013-Current) is a kitten we found outside. He gets along well with the other critters.


Lucy(2012-Current) is a cat that was outside and she adopted us. After 3 litters of kittens, I took her and got her fixed. She now lives inside with us and loves the pigs.


Echo(2010-Current) is my german shepherd. She is 6 years old and has grown up with the piggies. She loves to watch them and get her nose in the middle of whatever it is they're doing. Simba had professional pictures done with her.


Butterscotch(2007-Current) is my 10 year old cat. He loves the piggies and has grown up with most of them. He is very tolerant of them and lets them crawl all over him, give him baths, and just cuddle with him.


Shila(2006) was a puppy that was given to me. I had her the same time I had Mohave and her litter. I gave her to another home since I didn't have enough time for her, at the time.

Neeko and Buck

Neeko(2000) and Buck(2001) were the ferrets I had with Domino. They would run around and chase him.


Rascal was my rat I had around the time I had Mohave and her litter. He used to run around my house with them. My favorite memory of him was when I would call his name and he would come racing into the bedroom and the girls would be right behind him!