Information You (Don't) Need To Know About Me

"Greeting From The Year 3000, Still Fabulous In The Year 3000..." ~Mr.Klausing

Hello To My Followers

My Info Was Brought To You By The Letter K and The Number 3.

Name: Craig Daring Dix

Age: Ice Age

Gender: Depends on how i'm feeling

Interests or Hobbies: (I HAVE A LONG LIST)Licking the top of the tapioca dish, playing hopskotch, reading "Cat Fancy Magazine", telling lies, telling the truth, telling on you, telling the time, taking my time, thinking about hoes, thinking of words that rhyme with hoes, playing the tamborine, tapping on drums, eating ding-dongs (the snack), playing pokemon 23/7 (gotta take time to replace the batteries, listening to Kenny Chesney, telling bald guys to "Shine On", being a friend, rolling dice, watching people run down Southern Parkway, going to Park Hill, wearing my american flag socks, eating those things on the tips of your shoe strings, dreaming about air-force ones.....throwing them out a window that is, calling up random people and talking to them, reading the "Business" part of the newspaper, swimming, running, hopping, playing the tuba, watching the balls drop...on new years eve, drinking vanilla coke, burning ants in the pants game pieces, talking to uncle ben, telling Aunt Jemima that she ain't my momma, jesus christ-o, putting notes in your locker, walking fast, makin' fun of Neil P. Brown, not doing this website, snuggling with snuggles the bear, wiping up spills with the brawny guy, rubbing Mr.Cleans head, talkin' to ShaNayNay, makin' kool-aid, makin' tang, make way, talking to Mr.Klausing, being Sister Maureens personal Happy Meal, watching full house (BOB SAGET IS PIMP), Calling fags pimps, calling my principal a fag, Fagtastic, Mantastic, watching Bob The Builder build something nice, throwing tennis balls in the air, thinking of stupid stuff for you to read.Buying videos where people get into fights, most notably, Ghetto Brawls. Saying "FUCK HIM UP" over and over while Blair gets into a fight. Getting very violent these past few days. Makin a hit list. Making a shit list. Making muffins. Doing the Matt...The Mumford Matt.

On this bottom part, Blair helped me think of some things to put.

Talking to hot girls and blowing them off so i can go back to sleep.Dreaming about sleeping while i'm sleeping.Thinking about sleeping.Daydreaming about actually dreaming about sleeping.Having wet dreams about sleeping, then waking up and jacking off to the thought of sleeping. Imagining having sex with sleep, while actually having sex with my girlfriend, who I call Mrs.Sandman.Getting threatened by fat guys who carry mase. Beating up women and children. Pushing my glasses up and down pretending to be Elton John. Watching footage of Matt Mumford doing frontside shove its down 5 stairs. Saying "I Think Blairs Gay".Telling Nathan that i'm gonna beat the shit out of him if he loses the basketball game. Telling everyone that Nathan is available. Getting pissed off about the new layout P.S. FUCK THE NEW LAYOUT. Watching CKY the documentary. Being the DVD king. Being Mr.Klausing on AOL and telling the little kids that I want to finger them. Forcing my dad to pay 23.90, 3 TIMES A MONTH. Saying to Mortal Kombat videogame "SEE WHAT I CAN DO TO YOU" and punching it until it doesn't work. Wearing Claudio Nucci jeans. Playing Shadow Man. Punching Ricky in the mouth for trying to take my scooter. Fighting with Ricky on Derby day and breaking Crocodile Dentist when we fell on it. Playing in Jims house. Making dates with Terren and never waking up to fulfill them. Watching "The Big Green" and remembering how I used to have a crush on the girl in it. Getting boners and saying, "WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!" Shopping at Value City with Jamie, and trying on bell bottom Claudio Nuccis, (with an emphasis on the NUCCI). Saying the phrase "Tomfoolery". Watching Martin Short music videos. Sturbing. Playing Torneko over the summer. Watching "The George Lopez" show. Liking rap, especially Ja Rule (not really). Being involved with the KKK. Being in three wrecks with Tony Little. Liking Tony Robbins self help tapes. Liking Nelly..............Furtado that is. Scratching to old "The Clash" records. BEING PUNK AND PROUD.