Class Trip 2002

19 Pictures In All

3 Of The Most Jewish Guys You'll Ever Meet

Probably The Best Picture I've Ever Taken...Seriously

Personally One Of My Favorites

I Tried To Take A Picture Of Myself In A Mirror....Forgot To Turn The Flash Off

The Guys And Mr.Klausing

We Gotta Stop Making These Class Trips So Early! Now Blairs Addicted To Coffee!

Four Jews In A Submarine And No Where To Go...

John Plans His Next Attack On America!

Mr.Klausing Tried To Push Blair Off A Building...Don't Worry, We Re-Assembled Him Later On

Mr.Klausings Most Famous Picture..This Was When He Tried To Offer Me Money To "Teach" Me The New K-Secret..I Fell For It

I Told Blair Mr.Klausing Wasn't Gay And This Was His Reaction...Yeah, I Was Surprised Too.

Steven Tried To Help Lee "Give Me Fun"

This Picture Pretty Much Speaks For Itself...

I Play With My Fingers While Blair Plays The Flute

Us On The Set Of The New Spongebob Squarepants Movie (WTF Is Up With Nathans Cheeks? Looks Like A Fan Is Blowing On Him)

Steven Gives Me Advice Before I Fight Mr.Klausing...Look How I Stare Him Down.

I Told Him That That It Wasn't Gonna Be Under There...You Can See The Sadness In His Face. Don't Worry, I Tried It Earlier.

I Told Nathan To Be In This Picture Cause I Knew How Dumb He Would Look..And I SERIOUSLY Think He Needs Those Cheeks Checked Out.

Ha Ha..Look At Nathan Tryin' To Be All Serious