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Hey everybody! Thank you for visiting my site. Even though the reason you're here is because I made you all come. I will be updating this site every now and then so come back and check for the new stuff. The updated items would be mention on this page (look below) so I wont make you all look all over for it :P But it would be fun. Hope you enjoy your stay. Please check out the friends section. I suffered a lot of hits because of what I wrote! Hehe. Oh, please sign the Guestbook.


Exams over : )! Uni over for the year : )! Time to update site : (. I've made minor adjustments to everyone's current profile. Such as age mostly. Too lazy to do anything else. Will be adding the people I didn't get around to last year.


Picture gallery is finally up.


Moved house today! Now living in Sunshine. To those that know me, you'll know exactly where I live. To those that don't, I dare to try track me down. Unless I'm home alone and it's dark and I'm watching or just watched a scary movie. In that case, you stay away!
Anyway, that's the reason why I haven't been online for so long. Haven't got a phone line so wont be online until we finally get it.


Day 1 of the 2003 Aus Tennis Open. Was originally meant to be about 6 people, but didn't meet up with the others due to other interests of other tennis players. So it was only 3 people, me being the only guy so I didn't expect to get to perv... I mean watch the skills and talent of women's tennis. But I got to see Anna for a set  :). Barbara Schett isn't playing this year so I was a bit disappointed.


Added a list of "pre-profiled" friends. Just a rough list of names of people which I am friends with, just haven't had time to write a profile about them. Just thought it'd be a good idea as a lot of people seem to get the impression that they aren't my friends as they are not on the list.

So please check the list (make sure you check the guys section if you're a guy and vice versa. Surely you're not that stupid), and inform me if your profile is not completed or your name is not on the rough list. I am only working with the names on the rough list (I.e. I'm only writing profiles of people on the list).


Went to see the AusOpen again, only this time, the night session. We got the tickets $11 cheaper than usual due to some *sniff sniff*. Nah, Liz got them off this "bus driver" from NSW who was in charge of a "tour" and had spare tickets. Got to see Mark Phillapousis play against the asian hopeful, Paradorn Srichapan or something. It was a real good game, great atmosphere at night and also quite entertaining. Was quite painful watching Paradorn do those splits. Especially the second one when he actually banged his... err... balls... on the court.


Happy Chinese Year everybody that celebrates it!!!

I updated a bit of my page. Just making it look a bit better. Also added a chat page to my site hehe.

That's all there is on this page. Please feel free to explore the other areas of the site by clicking on the links listed on the left.
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