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William Hoang


Will is a famous national Porn Star, or wishes he is. He has starred in such films as "She Won't Get Sick, When She Sees My Dick", "Especially In December, When I Gift Wrap My Member" and "I Don't Believe I Schlonged You". He was the star attraction at this years Sexpo exhibitions and good friends with Kobe Tai and Annabel Chong. Just ask Will about the Annabel Chong special.

Seriously, I met Will in my first year at Melbourne High School as we were in the same class. Freakishly we were born on the exact same day, month and year. Later in that year we found out that we both may be related to Jo, this girl in Germany, and that we may in fact be very distant cousins.

He is currently taking a course at La Trobe studying Tourism Management. He is the vice-captain of our Indoor Cricket team Thick Edge and claims to be an all-rounder that bowls medium pace.

He continues to blame his unfitness on Matthew Coppens who punctured his lung in Year 10. He was in hospital for several weeks and NO ONE visited him. He is currently healthy so it's all good.

The pic of Will says it all. He looks and is quite dodgy. Usually blames his lateness on Justin even tho he is 35 mins late and Justin may have only delayed him by 5 mins.

Will's driving skills are as good as his lungs. With his great reverse parking skills which require the passengers to leap onto the footpath. And the superb 90 degree which is usually followed by "where's the line?!". That is ofcourse if he didn't bang his head into the window while checking.

2002 Summary:

Will is usually online as much as I am. However, there was a period of about 2-3 weeks which he was not on at all. "Was he studying hard?", "Maybe he has something better to do" you all say. Well, the actual reason was... he was disconnected from Optus due to a breach in terms of agreement where he downloaded alot more than he was supposed to. The "netstats" level which would receive a warning is about 8 or 9, he had reached 14. I'm sure he think it was worth it, since he downloaded all these movies. What kind of movies you ask? Read the first paragraph and you'll know. :P

Likes to play jokes on people. Pretended to be engaged to an "Eve" and also got her pregnant. A joke Brendan has fond memories of. He was totally Bamboozled and wasn't too happy when the truth was told.

His second joke was targeted at Thien, but then Justin also was involved. Pretended to be a girl, "Sammy", on ICQ and flirted with Thien, hoping to see what Thien was like as a gentlemen. Thien took it pretty well when told the truth.

Nick: X Dresser

Age: 20


Colour: Green

Movie: Sleep Hollow

Song: DJ Sammy - Heaven