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Thien Nguyen


Thien is my shortest friend. Well, shortest male friend so give him so dignity. I first met Thien in Year 10 as were in the same class. Which was a crazy class. Read James info for more details of my year 10 class. But I don't think you're that sad.

I remember, when we just watched American Pie at the cinemas, Thien telling us what happen at band camp. "This one time, at band camp, I shoved a pussy up my ass". Now that would hurt a lot if he meant cat. If he meant the other then it would be pretty tough.

Currently studying Computer Science at Melbourne University and is into Japanese Pop. 

Went to Sorrento with us during the summer of 2000 and was the lucky Asian to not be threaten to death on the bus.

Missed my birthday as did all my Uni friends! You pieces of crap. When I bulk up and get my hands on you! Ahh, screw it... I'm too lazy to do anything. But if I wasn't lazy then watch out!

2002 Summary:

Thien usually dresses pretty nice when we go out, but one night, made an extra effort to look even better for the pair of Honkie guys. He was dressed to impress in his new shirt and everything.

Thien is quite the gentlemen in 50% of the populations minds, and the 50%, quite a filthy boy. If you visit Thien one day by any chance, ask to watch "Cool Devices".

Was the target of the "Sammy" joke a while ago (Which you can read in Will's section). He showed his gentlemen side and wrote stories to impress the girl. He took it rather well when told that she was a fictional character created by Will. 

Nick: Riposte, Nosiflop

Age: 19


Colour: White

Movie: Forrest Gump

Song: M2M - Don't Say You Love Me