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Stephen Patterson


Stephen, more commonly referred to as Patto, is yet another 9M boy. 9M is the class I was in during Year 9. Patto wasn't originally hanging out with us during Year 10. He was friends with Daniel Sly and some other guys in the class. Started to hang out with us a bit in Year 10 and become more part of our group as the years went by.

I didn't see much of Patto last year. He spent most of the time with Alan Ho and we didn't really invite Patto out that much as he used to live in Whoop Whoop! Koo Wee Rup to be precise, the land of the Potatoes. Which is why some guys in Year 10 called him Patatto. To give u an indication of how far he was, in Melbourne phone numbers start with 9. His started with a 5! He now lives in Melbourne so we see him everytime our group does something. He lives near the beach so we're near his house pretty much each week. Spend the night there, have dinner and DVDs.

Patto is currently at Monash University, Clayton campus. Yes, the one with the shooting. As he studies Engineering/Arts, he wasn't that close to room where it took place, but just having it in your Uni is scary as it is.

Is the smartest and cleanest person in our group. Got the highest ENTER in the group and has good musical skills. Plays the piano very well, and composes some music as a job.

Is a Hawthorn supporter so you know he's a civilised, intelligent and well mannered person. 

Looks pretty tough and built, but underneath those clothes, he's more of an apprentice to Copps. :P

Nick: Patto

Age: 20


Colour: None

Movie: Back To The Future 1

Song: Push - The Legacy