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Minh Pham


Minh is a long time friend from Primary School. We met in Grade 3, the year I started attending the Footscray North Primary School. We went to the same high school in Year 7 before he left to Braybrook. We have been reunited and currently attending the same Uni.

We used to do something every holidays with our other friends from Year 7. However with people being lazy, and crap, the gang has broken up and is no longer. However, he is trying to rectify that.

Minh has great pool skills. His many hours spent at the pool halls in Footscray has proven to be good at developing the skills. If you go to RMIT, go to the cafeteria and look at the pool area, expect to see him there.

He also a whiz with computers. He knows a lot about hacking so if he's not hacking me, it's all good and as long as he's on my good side. So stop hacking me man! Hehe. Seriously, if you are, stop! :)

Nick: Shadow

Age: 20


Colour: Red

Movie: Assassins

Song: Lam Nhat Tien - Tender Rose