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Justin Huynh


Justin is one of Will's friends from primary school and also part of his high school days at Whitefriars. He is now currently studying Osteopathy at Victoria University. He gets to see girls in their underwear in first year!

I first met Justin at Flinders St when we went to the city for some reason. This was in summer of 2001 and since then we see each other quite a bit as he is now part of our little group of friends. 

He also plays indoor cricket for us when he's free. Which is pretty much when he isn't playing tennis. Earlier this season, he managed to smash a huge 40 runs which is as rare as a 300 in outdoor cricket. Or if you prefer a better comparison, as rare as Ty refusing food.

Justin is very friendly person, with a talkative nature. He shares a lot of interests as me. I.e. Britney Spears, Hawthorn, Victoria Titans and also Barbara Schett. Justin won a bet against Will that Schett would win her first round tennis match at the Australia Open 2001 against this Russian girl. Schett was down two match points in the 2nd set, but pulled through to win the match in 3 sets.

2002 Summary:

Justin has not improved his punctuality. Also, don't play Mah-jong against him, otherwise one round could last an hour or so. Likes to take his time at making decisions, so he can contemplate what would happen if he did this, etc.

Has a seductive voice which managed to capture one girls attention one night on the phone. She shall be nameless, but if you read the girls section, you might find out who.

Likes to offer people massages (body or face) and also crack their backs. Kinda freaked Maria out when he started massaging her face when they didn't know each other.

Nick: Magneto

Age: 20


Colour: Blue 

Movie: X-Men 

Song: Salt & Pepper - Push It