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James Paraskeva


James is the biggest friend I have. Bigger than Copps. A lot taller and bloody strong. In Year 11, James went to compete in numerous weightlifting events in the state representing Melbourne High School. James won the even in his age group and also in the age group above! So don't mess with me or you mess with him! Right James? Please say yes.

I first met James in Year 10. He only started coming to my school that Year and unfortunately for him, he was put in my class. [Nah, you're a great person]. Awww, thanks... you people are too kind. Our Year 10 would had to be the best class in my time at any school. Which includes primary. We were all, well, idiots and jokes were always being thrown around. Even all of our teachers were the same. We bag them, they bag us.

James went wild at camp. Especially during the mountain bike ride. The group of riders were travelling at good speed when James goes flying past all of us, down the mountain. He then accidentally clipped Alex Nicol's (friend in our class) thumb and popped it out. He had to go to hospital for treatment.

If you were ever in his PE classes, you had to make way whenever he had the ball. He would come charging and all he has to do is clip you, and you'll go flying! Even if you're good friends with him.

James' Year 12 was interrupted with injury to his eye while playing water polo. This meant he missed a lot of weeks and was forced to complete Year 12 over a two year period. He fully completed Year 12 in 2001.

Nick: Paraskeva

Age: 19


Colour: Blue

Movie: Memento

Song: George - Polyserena